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I am new to DeLuz and have bought a complete fixer upper! Now I am in dire need of a bathtub. So, please, please, if you remodel your home (or know of someone that does) and tear out a bathtub, before it is carted away to be thrown on a landfill, or wherever a bathtub goes to die, can you please let me know about it? It might be exactly the bathtub that I desperately need! The one that came with the house, was installed wrong, long, long time ago and has cracks on the bottom of the tub, because the floor underneath wasn't leveled correctly before installing said tub. Measurements of the alcove where the tub needs to go is 59 x 33 (1 inch less then a standard sized tub with 60 inches) Thank you very much for the help and all leads in advance!

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