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Another Option for Internet in De Luz

Another Option for Internet in De Luz

The Broadband Recovery Act has set aside funds for rural internet access and De Luz qualifies.  It turns out that a new satellite came online last weeks, so this is a new service. The sales blurb:

"To get started there is just a $5 order processing fee, then we would schedule your installation appointment and send a technician out to hook everything up for you. Then on the day your new system is installed, you would pay for your first month of service.

The Recovery Act offers five different plans.

The Basic plan is up to 1.0mbps download speed for $39.95 a month. That plan comes with 10.3GB combined data allowance and a 12 month contract.

The Expanded plan is up to 2.0mbps download speed for $59.95. This plan comes with 19GB combines data allowance and an 18 month contract.

The Commercial plan is up to 3.0mbps download speed for $69.95 a month. This plan comes with 27GB a month combined data allowance and an 18 month contract.

The Gold plan is up to 4.0mbps download speed for $79.95 a month. This plan comes with 37GB a month combined data allowance and an 18 month contract.

The Platinum plan is up to 8mbps download speed for $119.95 a month. This plan comes with 60GB a month combined data allowance and an 18 month contract.

All five of these plans come with free activation, free installation, no equipment lease fee and 10 email addresses, in addition to a 30 day satisfaction guarantee."
I had the basic package installed  yesterday and I will supply an evaluation in a couple weeks.

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Comment by Jim Iamurri on February 6, 2012 at 9:31am

You have not said anything about the upload speeds.  AND, we are still dealing with the rolling 30 day FSA.  With increased downloads, you will use up more of your data allowance at a faster rate of consumption.

Comment by Tom Gillen on February 6, 2012 at 9:57am


I haven't really done a "quality" evaluation of the service since I have only had it for three days.  What I can tell you at this point is that the "basic service" download speed is 1meg/sec.  The upload speed varies between .2-.3 meg,  Interestingly the upload speed is the same as my cable service in SD were the download speed is 24 meg/sec. In three days of just surfing, my usage is .6 gig (.5 down and .1 up).

What I am interested to determine is how bad is the lag period is from the satellite; so far it has not been onerous.  Time will tell.

The reason for the post is to let people know that another service is available in De Luz; I am not selling.  Let the buyer beware!


Comment by Jim Iamurri on February 9, 2012 at 11:27am


The upload sounds great, but I'm assuming that the you are testing the download and upload speeds with a speed test from another site, not with what they say they provide or show.  At .16 gigs per day download you will use 5 gigs of your 10.3 gigs combined allowance over a 30 day rolling period.  What is the split?

I suggest you keep a close watch on your usage and keep us posted.

Thanks for the information.

Comment by Dustin Decker on February 27, 2012 at 8:14pm

Howdy Folks - haven't been on the site in a while, and I obviously need to check more frequently!

What's the difference between 1 On 1 Communications, and pretty much any Satellite Internet Provider?

The real "differences" presented here will be two fold:

1.) While 1 On 1 Communications is "radio" based in the same way that Satellite is, we don't have the distance issues.  "Low Earth Orbit" for satellites can mean anything between 100 and 1240 miles above the surface of the Earth.  This can account for a _standard_ 1000 milliseconds (one full second) for data to transfer from the Earth to the bird, and another 1000 milliseconds to travel back down to your location.  A perfect example of this in action is when you watch global news reporters receiving a question from the in-studio anchor... you've heard the question yourself, but watch them pause attentively listening to their ear piece as the data finally arrives at their location 2 seconds later.  With the cursory nod to distract you while listening...

1 On 1 Communications radios transmit data to our backbone fiber presence, on average, in 60 milliseconds or less.  Skype, MagicJack, Vonage, Oooma... they all work flawlessly.  We don't just provide a fat pipe, we provide a fast one.

2.) Even at the top tier, this new satellite outfit is requiring $119.95 per month for access to 60B of data.  (Far and above reasonable compared to the two other companies which, let's face it, GOUGE their customers for 5GB per month that they can never fully access.)  1 On 1 Communications customers at the $69.99 level frequently consume 200GB+ in a monthly cycle, because it's truly "Unlimited".

I'm also quite curious to know what the service will feel like when the new satellite approaches 85% utilization instead of being "brand new".

My $.02,



As for the recovery act part... I'm a bit skeptical it's genuinely involved at all here, and it sounds like pure marketing.  Most of the funds from that program were exhausted about 30 months ago, and in nearly all cases are tied directly to some form of wire line service.  (It was pure grace and $400,000.00 in grant monies that brought the 24 strands of Fiber Optics into Rainbow, for example, but that was because AT&T wanted the market.  They have since abandoned it, and we tax payers are reaping the benefits the best way we can, by using it.)

Comment by Bill Michels on March 6, 2012 at 11:30am

For at least 10 years I suffered through satellite service, with two different companies. Upgraded from basic to the highest priced package and found no difference in speed between the two.

Three months ago I started using 1 On 1's service and can tell you that it has made a world of difference.

Here are just a few things I'm able to do, that I was not before:

Hook up with my office computer via and actually work from home.

I can Skype now!!!

Ooma is working smoothly, goodbye AT&T.

Shop and buy on line without the frustrations of waiting for pages to load.

Got rid of the satellite service at $70 per month and AT&T around $35. After paying 1On1 I'm still ahead of the game.


Comment by Dustin Decker on March 6, 2012 at 2:01pm

Bill - thanks for your kind words.  TJ Lynas was quick to point out early in the game the additional value of 1 On 1 Communications in the "savings" column.  In De Luz, the copper wiring for AT&T wire line services is simply horrible and overpriced.  $35-50 per month for dial tone on a line with tons of static, or that requires a service call every time it rains, is trouble to begin with.

Lots of folks are eliminating the expense of their wire-line phone services and saving money as a result, once they have a high speed Internet presence that can handle their needs.

There is one caveat I'd like to point out.  e911 services generally aren't available with "VOIP" (voice over IP) telephone services.  What this means most is that if you do find yourself needing to dial 911 in a genuine emergency while using such services, you need to train yourself to PROVIDE YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS early on in the conversation.  This is most important when requesting ambulance services.  If you're in need of a response from the Sheriff, same thing applies.  (Although in a remote community like De Luz with long response times, I'd be inclined to treat them as a janitorial service, to take notes and clean up the mess, right?) 

Comment by Leann Carey on June 7, 2012 at 2:11pm

I have been trying to get in contact with 1 on 1 and have had no response for 2 months. Any ideas? I have called Dustin's personal cell, filled out a service request with no response, and called the number on the site to no avail. I want to get the service, but it appears nobody is there.

Comment by Justin Oakley on June 14, 2012 at 12:47pm

I have also been trying to contact them.  No return to my calls or internet forms submitted.  What's up Dustin?!?

Comment by Domenick Aldellizzi on December 18, 2012 at 3:53pm

Does anyone know a current address for Dustin Decker?  We have a nice gift for him and need to deliver it?


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